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Avoid Black Lips from Smoking: A Complete Lip Regime

By Posted on 4 m read

It’s cardinal time to avoid black lips from smoking. Because, smoking does a lot of harm to different parts of the body. And sadly, our lips which are considered to be the most attractive feature of the face don’t get to escape the harm either. A lot of people totally ignore the signs of lips turning black but later ask “how to avoid black lips from smoking?” However, once your lips are dark, putting efforts to go back in time to make lips red is not impossible. All you need is some time, commitment, perseverance, a lot of patience, and some basic ingredients. If you are sure you can invest this much in healing your dark lips, you can expect ninety percent chances of positive results. Here’s the lip regime that you should follow in order to get back your natural pink hue of the lips from burnt lips due to smoking.

Regime to Avoid Black Lips from Smoking: Lip exfoliationAvoid black lips from smoking

The very first rule of the lip care regime that you follow is- exfoliate. Smoking basically causes tar and harmful chemicals to accumulate in the cells. As a result, the dead cells that coat your lips are dark and unsightly. The very basic step to getting rid of the dead cells is exfoliation. However, since lips are quite delicate, you don’t have to exfoliate day in and day out. Just do it a couple of times or thrice in a week. There are two ways in which you can exfoliate your lips-

  • With a toothbrush- The simplest way to exfoliate your lips would be using a toothbrush. For this purpose, make sure you buy a toothbrush with thin and soft bristles to evade any possibility of wounding your lips. Before you start exfoliating, apply some olive oil or petroleum jelly- anything to moisturize your lips. After that circle, the toothbrush gently over your lips for about 5 minutes. Once you are done, use warm water to wash your lips and pat them dry.
  • Sugar exfoliation- For exfoliating your lips with sugar, you have to mix a few ingredients to create a scrub. Take one teaspoon of sugar in a small cup and add the juice of half a lemon and about 6 drops of olive oil. While lemon is the bleaching agent, olive oil helps to lock moisture and helps you avoid soreness from the act of scrubbing and lemon. Sugar is the primary ingredient that helps in the process of scrubbing. Apply the mix to your lips and massage your lips gently. Here again, go about it in a circular motion all over your lips. After scrubbing, wash your lips.

Lip BalmAvoid black lips from smoking

Soon after you exfoliate your lips, you should follow it by applying lip balm to your lips. The process of exfoliation leaves your lips dry. This is why you need to apply lip balm. Furthermore, applying certain kinds of lip balms that are exclusively crafted to lighten dark lips would also help you treat your lips. In fact, this is the step of your regime where “lightening the lips” starts happening. We’ve mentioned the names of a few lip balms that are great for treating dark lips from smoking.

  • The Body Shop Vitamin E Lip Care SPF 15
  • Burt’s Bees Lip Balm
  • Sebamed Lip Defense Stick SPF 30
  • Kiehl’s Lip Balm #1
  • Kiss My Face sports Lip Balm SPF 30
  • Neutrogena Norwegian Formula SPF 15 Lip Moisturizer
  • Jack Black Intense Therapy Lip Balm SPF 25

Lip Pack

While lip balm and lip exfoliation are two steps to taking care of your lips, lip packs can greatly catalyze the process of healing your lips and restoring the natural pink. Lip packs are the best solution since they are packed with the goodness of natural ingredients that have no side-effects. The ingredients that go into the making of whatever lip pack you choose would have properties, like bleaching, healing, natural pink, etc. This makes sure your lips get what they want in order to go back to light and natural color. Here’s a list of packs you can use for your lips.

  • Beetroot and carrot pack
  • Turmeric and lemon pack
  • Pomegranate and fresh cream pack
  • Rose petals and milk pack
  • Lemon and honey pack

The Regime to Avoid black lips from Smoking

Exfoliation, application of lip balm, and lip packs are the three things that can lighten the color of your lips. The next question would be- how frequently and for how long should you be at it? While frequency can clearly be stated, how long has to be decided by you. The question ‘how long’ depends on how dark your lips have become from smoking. You can continue till as long as you start witnessing positive outcomes. That being said, here’s how frequently you should be doing what has been mentioned above.

  • Lip exfoliation- every alternate day
  • Lip balm- every 2 hours, as soon as your lips start feeling dry.
  • Lip pack- Every alternate day

It would be a great idea to exfoliate your lips one day and apply lip pack the next and keep alternating between them.  Also, the perfect answer to the concern “how to avoid black lips from smoking” would be to stop smoking at all and to make sure you only give the best to your body.

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