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Blackening of Lips Due to Smoking: Effects of Smoking and Remedies

By Posted on 9 m read

Have you encountered blackening of lips due to smoking? It’s no strange fact that smoking causes an unimaginable amount of damage to different parts of the body. It dawns on people how smoking totally turns the lips darker only when they plan to take up a rigorous remedy for black lips due to smoking. But for anyone who smokes, it’s essential to know what you’re signing up for. What you see to be just blackening of lips due to smoking is a lot deeper than that. Here’s everything you need to know about how smoking affects your lips, how to make lips red for smokers, and how to treat dark lips and restore the natural pink color of the lips.

Blackening of lips due to smoking
What’s doing it?

If you’re wondering what causes the darkening of your lips, there are a couple of things we can talk about. First of all, the primary culprit is tobacco and tar that cause blackening of your lips. For how capable tar is at creating a black layer over your bronchioles, you can imagine what it can do to your delicate lips. The second culprit is all the heat that comes from a cigarette. As you press a cigarette between your lips, inhale and exhale the hot smoke, your lips have to take a lot of heat. This heat slowly causes darkening of your lips. Below, we talk about the effects of smoking on your lips and how to avoid black lips.

Wrinkles and Lines

Lips already have a considerable number of lines and wrinkles. That is pretty obvious for any pair of normal lips. However, as you smoke for a long time, the nicotine doubles the number of lines on your lips. This basically happens because the nicotine causes constriction of the blood vessels on the lips. Because of this, a lot more fine lines are visible on the lips, which obviously look unusual and unhealthy and leads to blackening of lips due to smoking.


What we call blackening of lips due to smoking is the consequence of the process of pigmentation. As it has already been mentioned, the tar, tobacco and high amounts of heat from the cigarette cause pigmentation. Our body contains a compound called melanin which causes darkening of complexion. The production of melanin is regulated by heat. The heat from the cigarette causes excessive production of melanin in the lips. This, in turn, causes the darkening and blackening of the lips which we call pigmentation.


The smoke from the cigarette takes away all the moisture locked in your lips. As a result, you would notice that your lips gradually become quite dry. You would witness frequent cracks and bleeding of the lips. This dryness combined with oxygen cut off is the reason why your lips would most of times look flaky if you smoke.

Delayed Healing

All the harmful compounds in a cigarette cause drying, cracking and wounding of lips. What’s even sadder is that these compounds also cause delayed healing. This means all the cracks you develop are there to stay and worsen.

Lack of Oxygen

As the blood vessels below the lips constrict, the lips wouldn’t receive optimal amounts of oxygen. Oxygen plays a major role in keeping the color of the skin normal. Whatever part of your body receives less amount of oxygen can turn bluish. For instance, when your under-eyes don’t receive oxygen, they turn bluish, and you call them dark circles. Similarly, lack of oxygen can cause the darkening of the lips.

Rupture of Capillaries

Smoking can meddle with the blood circulation to the lips. As the capillaries just below your lips don’t receive the needed amounts of oxygen and blood, the capillaries would burst. Lack of blood and oxygen in any part of the body can cause a change in color, which is why many of your injuries turn blue. So is the case with lips, when the capillaries rupture. This bursting of the capillaries is yet another reason why your lips become bluish.

Lip-care Products For Dark Lips

Now that you know what smoking can result in, the darkening of the lips being the primary concern, we’re sure you would want a practical solution. Since blackening of lips due to smoking is something many are dealing with, there are some products that are effective at getting rid of the blackening lips. These solutions come from some of the greatest brands that you would be able to easily find on Amazon, irrespective of whatever country you live in. With all of that being said, here’s a list of some of the best lip-care products that you can use for blackening of lips due to smoking.

Karisa Lip Therapy

Karisa lip therapy is one of the best products if you expect quick results. Karisa lip therapy is one such product that is made up of all organic and natural ingredients. It provides an overall moisturized feel and repairs the lips of dark coloration or pigmentation. Karisa lip therapy also has anti-aging properties which help in both preventing and treating fine lines in the lips.

“Love this stuff! It helps diminish the fine lines around your lips. Goes on smoothly and makes your lips feel really soft! It’s not sticky like a lot of Chapstick’s and lip balm’s are. All you need is just a little dab at a time! Great product!”, says R. Brunner on Amazon.

Another buyer on Amazon, Allan W says, “Oh my Goodness! Love this cream! In just two night my lips were from severely chapped to amazingly soft! It worked quickly and wonderfully for me. I applied this cream each night before bed and each morning after my shower. This is a miracle cream for anyone who has some chapped lips as it works so fast.

“This stuff is amazing! It heals from the inside. When I put it on my lips, I felt a tingly sensation as it absorbed into my skin. It was not greasy, and the smell was great. After three days, my lips are completely healed and are very soft!” is what Stephanie Towler says about Karisa Lip Therapy.

Fillerina Specific Zone Lips and Mouth

Fillerina, though on the pricier side, is one amazing product that guarantees results. It is a popular product among smokers who have developed smoker’s lines on their lips. Fillerina Specific Zone Lips and Mouth has 3 collagen molecules and 8 hyaluronic acids in it which help in delivering long-lasting results rather than just a temporary solution.

One of the certified users of this product leaves this review on Amazon- “I do notice that my lips are fuller. It absorbs nicely into the lips. I use it twice a day. Directions say to use several times per day. After it’s absorbed, I put a lip moisturizer on (Sugar Advanced Therapy). Also, I use Sara Happ’s lip scrub.

I got a better result than from SkinMedica HA Smooth and Lip Plumping System, which is quite popular. There is much more product in this one for the price. This one has 8 HAs and 3 collagens. It also has to plump in it.”

Bioglow LLC Cherry Pink Lips and Nipples

Bioglow LLC Cherry Pink Lips and Nipples is a product that has two uses. One, it helps in dealing blackening of lips due to smoking, and it also helps in lightening the color of the nipples. It does so by getting rid of the dead cells on the skin and lips. All you have to do is apply a layer of it to your lips and then apply lipstick. You can apply the single layer or two layers of it based on your preference.

Monique, a verified Amazon user states “Great product. It stays on, and you don’t have to constantly reapply. There is no sticky or greasy feeling when applied to lips. Also nice under lipstick and keeps lips moisturized.” Another user on Amazon says, “I’m Afro-Asian with dark lips, and I decided to try the Bioglow cherry lip balm. It really worked on my lips transforming it from dark to rosy color. The results are more with continuous use just like a normal lip balm. Just don’t use your finger to apply it…though the balm looks white, it turns to a rosy color on your lips & fingers.”

MAC Lip Erase Pale

MAC Lip erase is a product that helps to give a neutral color to the lips, preparing it for the lipstick. While it is not a product that aims at treating blackening of lips due to smoking, it helps hide the blackening effortlessly. For anyone who is using a lightening lip balm, this can be useful when you apply lipstick on a regular day. MAC Lip Erase is available in various shades, and you can pick what suits you.

Bathysphere on Amazon says, “I’ve read reviews of Lip Erase on makeup blogs, and they’re generally very good. I’ve tried some other, cheaper products, and honestly, it’s best just to go ahead and spend the money on this and save yourself the time. Like most lip concealers, this requires you to exfoliate your lips before use. Once I’d done that, it worked perfectly. It goes on smooth and blends well.”

Kath Ellen, another Amazon buyer states, “This lip concealer helps to give your lipstick a true color and last longer.”

“Good product. Does what it says it will do”- says Sue Carrol Terry.

What’s the Remedy for Blackening of Lips due Smoking?

By now, you would have realized that expecting your lips to go back to normal in a couple of days, is asking for too much. There’s a lot of damage that happens, and it takes time to heal all the damage. However, there are a few steps you can take if you wish to heal your lips and regain the natural pink color.

  • Start using a lip balm that is meant to lighten the color of your lips. Be regular at it. You can also talk to a dermatologist about it and use dermatologist recommended lip balm. Every time your lips turn dry, reapply.
  • Exfoliate your lips regularly so that you get rid of the dead cells and give way to healthier cells. The dead skin is the layer that has all the pigmentation.
  • While this should be your last resort, you can also go for a laser treatment. This treatment aims at lightening the color of your lips and bringing it back to normal.
  • Stop smoking. Whatever remedy you try, it would work to its fullest when you give up smoking. Since the natural remedies take time to show the outcome, smoking all along would only mean deprecating any chances of healing.


For anyone who is trying to hide away those dark lips and start intensively caring for them, there are some things to be done. Say no to lipsticks that have too much chemical content. Often, the chemicals in the lipsticks may cause or worsen the color of the lip, making them darker. This is why, choose brands, like The Body Shop when you buy lipsticks. There are many more brands that you would find on Amazon that sell lipsticks made from organic and natural ingredients. Even as you choose one of the lip lightening creams/lip balms, stick to the all-natural solution.

If smoking is causing darkening of the lips, you can imagine what it can potentially do to your throat, windpipe, lungs, and bronchioles. If you’re unhappy about dark lips, the very first conscious and rational decision you should be making would be to stop smoking or seek therapy. Any of the treatments would work perfectly only when the cause of the problem is cut off. If not, you would find yourself dealing with the same problem. Giving up smoking would not only help in restoring the natural pink color of the lips. It would also save you from unwanted diseases and disorders later in life.



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