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Lip Care for Smokers: Best Lip Packs for Dark Lips

By Posted on 9 m read

Dark lips make a statement only when it is a sassy lipstick doing the job. No girl would ever say she’s okay having dark lips. Especially talking about lips that get dark because of smoking, there’s something peculiar about it that can make the entire face lose its charm. In fact, lips are the first exterior organ of our body that shows the bad effect of smoking on us. Whether you are smoking or planning to give up smoking, an intense lip care for smokers is really essential to winning back those pink lips. Though there are a plethora of best lip balms for dark lips due to smoking, they are made of chemicals. You can try natural lip packs that can help your lips regain the natural pink. The best thing about homemade lip packs is that they don’t have any side-effects. Based on what material you like the best to use, you can choose any of the below-mentioned lip packs.

Lip care for smokers: Pomegranate and fresh cream pack

Pomegranate the fresh cream pack is one of the best natural remedies for black lips. The ground seeds of pomegranate help in exfoliating the lips of the dead layer and give way to new cell formation. The red color of the pomegranate gives a natural tint to your lips and as you keep applying it over and over from time to time, the color of your lips would change to pink. The cream helps to nourish and to moisturize your lips.
To make this pack, grind about 30 pomegranate seeds. Make sure the consistency is such that the seeds are appropriately coarse- not too much or not too soft. To this paste, add cream and apply it on your lips. Keep it for a few minutes and then wash it off.

Lip care for smokers: Lemon and honey pack

A combination of lemon and honey is the perfect bleaching formula for your lips. Lemon helps in lightening the color of your lips with its bleaching property and honey does its work of keeping your lips hydrated and making them soft. All you have to do is take an equal amount of both lemon juice and honey and mix it. After you mix both, apply it evenly on your lips. Keep it for about half an hour and then wash it off with room temperature water. Do this twice or thrice a week and you would notice a difference in about 3 weeks.

Lip care for smokers: Milk and rose petals pack

Rose has a number of medicinal properties which make it an amazing ingredient for lightening lip color. It soothes and cools the lips while moisturizing them. And as the colors of rose petals suggest, they are also capable of giving your lips a pink hue. To make this pack, you have to first keep the rose petal soaked in raw milk. After you soak them for about an hour, grind it. You can also add saffron to this mixture to give it more color and honey for more of a moisturizing effect. After making the paste, apply a generous amount of this paste to your lips and leave it for about 15 minutes. After that, wash it off. Doing this twice a day for about 3 weeks should help you lighten the color of your lips.

Lip care for smokers: Lemon and turmeric pack

In this pack, both the ingredients- turmeric and lemon have strong properties that can significantly help you in the changing the color of your dark lips. Turmeric has amazing healing properties through which the dark layer of your lips would gradually be healed. Lemon helps in bleaching and making the lips look lighter over time. For this pack, you need a teaspoon of turmeric and half a lemon juice. After you mix these two ingredients well, apply it to your lips. Let it stay for about 10 to 15 minutes. Post that, wash this pack off with room temperature water. Repeat this regime every alternate day and you will slowly start witnessing a difference.

Lip care for smokers: Beetroot pack

We all know beetroot for its rich wine red color. Beetroot can stain pretty much anything, like clothes and paper quite intensely. Your lips are no exception. Over a period of time, the rich red color of the beetroot paired with its bleaching properties will help you achieve lighter and pinker looking lips. A better pack would be mixing beetroot juice to an equal amount of carrot juice. Apply this mixture to your lips and let it stay overnight. The best thing about this pack is that as you wake up in the morning, you would witness a natural pink. And as you apply this mixture every day, it bleaches your lips gradually.

Smoking already does a lot of harm to the lips, and anything natural would be the best lip care for smokers. These are the home remedies to turn dark lips from smoking to a more natural color. You have to be patient to witness these remedies to take effect. The best thing about making use of home remedies using natural ingredients is that they wouldn’t have any side effects on your lips or skin. You can also read the similar article best DIY lip scrubs to restore lip color from smoking where you’ll find some more natural remedies for dark lips.

Best Lip Scrubs You Can Use

For healthy looking lips, scrubbing lips is just as important as it is to apply lip balm and keep them moisturized. Lip scrubs help in getting rid of the dead cells and rejuvenating the lips. That way, restoring the true color of the lips becomes easier. With that being said, here’s a list of lip scrubs for lip care for smokers you can use.

Beauty by Earth Berry Flavored Lip Scrub

With the pleasant and sweet smell and taste of berries, this is a sugar scrub that helps you get rid of flaky and chapped lips. It can a perfect lip care for smokers kind of product for you. This is a great product for both men and women. Once you are done scrubbing your lips with this product, your lips would feel hydrated and smooth. It does not contain harmful compounds, like sulfates and does not have artificial flavoring or fragrance agents.

Amazon verified customer Cindy says, “This product arrived in a sealed container. It contains a sugar based scrub, that really does a nice job of exfoliating that dry skin on you lips. It does not appear to me to have artificial color added to it. This lip scrub has a mild, berry flavor to it and in my experience, it only took a very small amount to work. Washes off easily, leaving smoother lips, which makes lip balm or lipstick look superior. Recommended.”

Another user says, “This works. My lips are headed into that winter chapped season, and lip balm doesn’t always keep them in the best shape. It’s not too rough, easy to use and tastes good. You really can lick the rest off. It leaves my lips moisturized and ready for lip balm to do the heavy lifting. Also easily takes off liquid lipstick without a lot of tugging and rubbing.”

Henne Organics Lip Exfoliator Scrub

Henne Organics Lip Exfoliator Scrub is yet another product that is all organic. It is USDA certified organic, which gives quality assurance. The lip scrub has a mild, faint rose scent. It helps in treating chapped and dry lips, giving way to luscious and healthier looking lips. The product comes in a nice packaging, and the scrub is pink in color.

Kelly Odonell shares her experience with Henne Organics Lip Exfoliator Scrub by saying, “I’m absolutely in love with Henne’s lip balm so when I saw they had a scrub I couldn’t wait to try it. It smells (and tastes) amazing and it’s non toxic and organic. My lips have never felt better and living in the desert that’s saying something. I also just got the new V2 balm in stick form and I’m obsessed. So glad I found Henne.”

Jessica E. says, “In love with this lip scrub! My lips are super sensitive, it’s hard to find lipstick that doesn’t make my lips peel, and when I do find a lipstick that works my lips would look like crap because of the dry flaky skin. Since I’ve started using this my lips are smooth and soft and lipstick looks great. It both exfoliates and moisturizers. Awesome stuff! I don’t know how I lived without it, but it’s now one of my “must have” products.”

Beauty for Real Lip Scrub

Beauty for Real Lip Scrub is made of raw sugar cane and carnuaba wax base. While raw sugar cane helps in exfoliating the lips, carnuaba wax base helps in keeping the lips hydrated after you are done scrubbing. This product does not contain paraban. For anyone looking for lip scrub that is cruelty free, this lip scrub is the one.

J. Pace says, “I really like this lip exfoliating scrub. It efficiently rubs the dead skin off, plumps my lips nicely & keeps my lip color on much longer than when I don’t use it. It smells great, tastes sweet – which is a huge plus because you will inevitably get some in your mouth & also feels like it leaves some moisture on your lips. I definitely recommend this lip scrub!”

Another Amazon buyer, Dana Dannielle says, “My lips get really dry and flaky especially in winter! Often times this makes my lips look dry when I put on lipstick or lip gloss. A few times a week I use this product and it totally wipes away all the dead skin without making my lips burn! I would totally rec this to any of my friends with the same problem! It’s very easy to use, smells great and the perfect price!”

Unpa Bubi Bibi Lip Scrub

One of the best lip scrubs and lip care for smokers, if you have really sensitive lips is Bubi Bubi lip scrub that is a bubble scrub; having no micro beads. This is a South Korean skincare line and most Korean products are highly efficient. This lip scrub contain papaya extract and grapefruit extract that help enrich the lips along with getting rid of the dead cells.

Kayla says, “As far as a product goes, I loved this. It worked well, my lips felt incredible, but it wasn’t too abrasive or hard on them. I’d give a 5/5 easily.”

“I absolutely love this product I first squeeze the product onto my lips then I took a Q-tip and spread it around gently then I waited 10 minutes before rubbing it off my fingers are use some cool water to wipe away any form that was left I can really see the difference anytime I try and use a mat color on my lips it just makes them look dry but after using this product and made them look much much nicer highly recommend it”, is what Alex, another Amazon buyer says about Bubi Bubi lip scrub.

TreeActiv Matcha Anti-Aging Lip Scrub

Matcha green tea is known for its numerous benefits, out of which one of the benefits is anti-aging properties. This lip scrubs helps fighting signs of aging on the lips, like pigmentation, fine lines, etc., leaving the lips feeling healthy. The lip scrub also contains coconut oil and Vitamin E oil which keep the lips hydrated. This makes lip care for smokers quite easy.

S. Wirth says, “This scrub is awesome! It really exfoliates well. I prefer not to eat the sugar (although I don’t mind the idea of it) so I rinse it off with cold water. The water doesn’t take off the balm part and my lips feel very soft after.”

Another Amazon buyer, Nicki B says, “Loving this product so far! A little goes a long way. All natural and even edible! I feel good about using a product I can pronounce every single ingredient of. My lips are feeling nice and soft and now I want a chapstick to go along with the scrub!”. Liz Hamlin says, “I like the way my lips feel after I use the lip scrub. They feel very soft and smooth. I have already recommended this to a few friends.”


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