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Lip Restoration for Smokers: Best Products to Rely on

By Posted on 4 m read

I have done a lot of research for lip restoration for smokers. Are you on it too? Well, then you have landed at right place. You will get the exclusive remedy for black lips due to smoking here. Prolonged smoking habit can damage your lips and its natural color. Pink and pouty lips are an asset to any woman and smoking can take it away from you even before you can realize it. So, if you’re stuck with dark and unattractive lips, it’s high time that you did something about it. While there are many natural remedies to lighten your lips, they are a bit slow and high maintenance. Hey! But don’t worry because there are a few great products on the market today that will help in lip restoration for smokers without much trouble.

It’s completely fine for people with darker skin tones to have darker lips, because they complement each other in a very natural way. However, if you have a lighter skin tone you must have naturally light colored lips. In this case, your lips turn dark because of too much of smoking. When you smoke for days and weeks regularly, the nicotine and tar penetrate the tender skin on your lips which turns your lips dark. It also affects the natural sheen and plump look of your lips and causes dark patches around the corners of your lips. You can completely avoid black lips due to smoking if you take care of your lips well with the help of these products:

Lip Restoration for Smokers

Juicy Skin Care Kis-su Dark Lip and Nipple Treatment Cream

This product from Thailand can be used to treat dark lips as well as dark nipples. If you apply it regularly to your lips, this product will help you get your natural lip color back in a few weeks. It also eliminates dryness of your lips along with dark patches in the corners of your mouth. The product is safe for all skin types and the component called alpha arbutin helps in the lip restoration for smokers by lightening the color and making the lips healthy.

Jaowying Beauty Jujub Lip Lightening Cream

This product is also manufactured by Thailand-based companies and it’s approved by the FDA of Thailand. It’s very effective for lip restoration for smokers since it starts showing effects from the very first use. If you want to get rid of dark lips caused due to smoking, Jaowing beauty jujub lip is the best option for you. This is the most effective product in this whole list since it gives you instant color differences. However, it’s completely safe and can be used by anyone.

Beauty Treats Lip Scrub

Exfoliation and treatment at the same time are one of the best remedies for dark lips. To avoid both these benefits, Beauty Treats a lip scrub is an excellent option. The best part of this lip scrub is that it comes in a variety of fruit flavors like Wild Apple, Dark Cherry, Almond Crème and Vanilla Bean. The fruity smell of this lip scrub will make your lips more kissable and irresistant. You need to use this scrub only twice a week to get your lips back to its original color. All you gotta do is, rub this scrub to your lips gently with two fingers for about two minutes and then wash it off with cold water.

Latisha/Laetitia Dark Lips Cream

This lip cream is another product that can make your lips pink and plump again. It consists of natural ingredients like Licorice Extract, Arbutin, and Kojic Acid which will not cause your lips any harm. You need to be extra cautious when you use lip care products since they may contain harmful components like Hydroquinone. Latisha dark lips cream contains no hydroquinone and is completely safe for daily use.

Finn Lipsense Lip Lightening Cream

This lip cream helps in getting rid of the darkness caused due to sun exposure, smoking, and harsh climate. It’s completely safe for daily use and it nourishes your lips if regularly used. It’s one of the best options to go for if you want to get the pink back to your lips.

Jaowying Beauty Jujub Mango Butter Lip Balm for Dark Lips

This lip balm is amazing because it contains ananas sativus fruit extract, vitamin b3, camellia sinensis leaf oil, alpha-Arbutin, and Shea butter. You can apply it as and when needed and even under lipstick or gloss.

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